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"HeadWind" Staf Van Reet Cock TDM-1300/04 Gr.Son Of Favorie, 1st Place 200 mile winner Sire To Progeny 1st Place 200 Mile Winner. Coming from a long line of champion racers, TDM-1300/04 named "HeadWind" has lived up to all expectations. He was bred at Sleepy Hollow Loft in Long Island New York and sent to Mike Iwanicki as a squeaker, "part of a 8 bird kit", to be flown in the Gloucester Racing Pigeon Club in Danvers Mass. Mike was a novice flyer and was eager to get his first win. He trained his young bird team hard and had them ready for the season opener. He clocked well throughout the season winning several club diploma's and was very pleased with the Staf Van Reet kit I had sent him. Throughout the season TDM-1300 was unable to be shipped due to dropping flights just before basketing. The last race of the season was a 200 mile race and Mike ask my opinion about shipping TDM-1300. I told mike that shipping him right to the 200 without race experience was a tall order for most young birds but if you think he is in good condition, go ahead and ship him. As luck would have it, this was going to be a tough day with head winds all the way. Remarkable as it might seem, Mike's first bird in was TDM-1300. After calling around to club members, he realized he had an early pigeon. As it tuned out TDM-1300 won 1st place beating the race experienced competition by 17.56 minutes. TDM-1300 quickly became Mike's favorite pigeon and was placed in the breeding pen for the 2005 season. The 2005 season was dejavu! GRC-0052/05, a daughter of TDM-1300 was Mikes first bird to the loft in the first two races. The first 200 mile race of the season was going to be a tough day with head winds the length of the course. On the team Mike had GRC-0060/05 another daughter of TDM-1300 that was in great condition but had no race experience. He shipped her to the 200 with great expectations. If she could only do as her sire did in his first race was all he asked. Holding true to form GRC-0060 clocked in 9 minutes ahead of the competition winning 1st place in her first entry at 200 miles against the wind just as her sire had done in his first entry. As they say, blood will tell. When I sent TDM-1300 now named "HeadWind" to mike to be raced, I had expected he would become a good racer. He descends from a great line of Staf Van Reet Champions. His grandsire is Staf Van Reet's 8X Champion "Favorie" son of Staf's top producer "Grote Tom" said by Staf to be his greatest producer of his entire career. Grote Tom and his sons Favorie and Den Don are legendary among the Staf Van Reet enthusiasts. Favorie and Den Don combined have won 18X 1st and scored 75X's in the top 10 positions. Together with their sire they have produced generations of champion racers and breeders world wide including The 1st Place IF Hall Of Fame Winner in the 2004 Old Bird Season. Another grand daughter of Favorie TDM-1636/05, won 1st place two consecutive weeks for Manny Parada of New York's Long Island Combine. She won the very same day Mike won with GRC-0060 and then repeated the following week. What a great family of pigeons! In the USA we can now trace back to Grote Tom five generations of Staf Van Reet Champions, Grote Tom, Favorie, Darrly, HeadWind and GRC-0060 named "Progeny". The legacy continues!